You can now download the free demo version to learn how to backup vCard file from Outlook? This demo can backup only 5 vCard from Outlook and from Outlook to vCard as well.

Superior Feature to Get Backup of vCard Contacts:

It is not mandatory that you can only execute this software only when you need to backup vCard Outlook. Whenever you need to move your contacts in some other application or media like iPhones, iPods or other, you can use this backup vCard software to import the contacts from Outlook to vCard or reverse. Few attractive points are:

  • Software create a separate vCard file for every Outlook contact so backup all vCard files
  • Reverse to this is also possible only you need to choose export vCard to Outlook.
You can backup any number of file from Outlook to vCard or vCard to Outlook without any amendments in your original data, this software that is vCard Magic can backup vCard from Outlook contacts. If you import vCard from Outlook or vice versa, you are unknowingly create vCard backup files that will be beneficial for you anytime you need to restore your contacts back to Outlook and you can use same backup vCard software to move these vCard files back to Outlook.

For complete benefits of this backup vCard software download the full version online in $49 only. With Full version you can easily get complete features of this software.

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